Vancouver’s PNE

One of the best places to start a family vacation that I can think of is Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition Grounds. Voted as Canada’s Best Family Entertainment destinations, the PNE offers something for people of all ages.

Playland which is open from the middle of April till the end of September has Rides and Games for kids of all ages. With over 20 rides to choose from including a wooden roller coaster there is hours of fun for the whole family. Also located on the grounds is the Pacific Coliseum. Here you can enjoy some of the best music and sports entertainment in the world.So be sure to put the PNE on your list of places to visit.



The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth

It all starts on July 6th/2007 The Calgary Stampede.

Start your day by taking the kids to the midway. Here you can enjoy rides of every kind, Ferris Wheels, Tilt-A-Whirls, there is even a ride that takes you above the crowd so you get a birds eye view of the whole grounds. From there you can carry onto the Rodeo. Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, Barrell Racing, Wild Horse Race and my favorite Bull Riding. Just imagine jumping on the back of a big bull and trying to stay on for just 8 seconds. Easier said than done.

Then after the rodeo comes the Chuckwagon Races. The excitement as the announcer calls the race is unbelievable. The crowd goes wild as they thunder around the tracks. Then to end a perfect day you can take in the Evening Show and Fireworks. The entertainment is fantastic and once the fireworks start it is spell binding. One thing to remember is to book your accommodations early. Calgary fills up in a hurry at Stampede time.



Niagra Falls MarineLand

Niagra Falls may be noted as one of the most romantic places on earth but it is also home to Marineland. For a family vacation it is one of the best places to come and see a spectacular show. Here you can spend hours just watching the Dolphins as they leap into the air and do some amazing flips.

Then stop in at ” Friendship Cove” where you can see Killer Whales from above the ground and below. They put on a show that the kids will love. Then you can carry on and see the Beluga Whales, my daughter loved these whales the most.

For rides there is “The Sky Screamer” the worlds highest triple tower. From the top you can get an amazing view of the falls and surrounding area but not for long. These are just a few things that Marineland has to offer. There is definitly a lot more for you to enjoy.


Ottawa’s Rideau Canal

If you are planning a winter family vacation then be sure to bring your skates. Located in the heart of Canada’s capital city , Ottawa you will find the worlds largest skating rink.┬áJust imagine over 7 Kilometers of ice to skate on. As you skate along the Rideau Canal you get to see some of the great scenery that Ottawa has to offer.

If you don’t have any skates you can rent them or a sleigh at the rental shops along the way. You will also find food stands and souvenir shops for you to explore. One stop that you may want to take is to the Parliment Building. I took the family on the tour and this building is fantastic. The sculptures, paintings and stained glass work is unbelievable. If you take in the Parliment Building it is best to go on a weekend. That is the only time that they allow you to take pictures.



British Columbia’s Whistler Mountain

Whether it’s winter or summer a family vacation at Whistler is truly amazing.

As you leave Vancouver and travel along “The Sea To The Sky Highway” you start to realize some of the beauty that British Columbia has to offer. People from around the world come to enjoy the skiing during the winter with fantastic powdery snow and great climate. Everything from Movie Stars to Royalty come to enjoy Whistler A summer family vacation in Whistler even offer more activities than the winter. With Bungee Jumping, Horseback Riding, Rafting and Golfing just to name a few activities that the whole family can enjoy.

If you want to plan a real special vacation be sure to come to the 2010 Winter Olympics. The Olympics are going to be one of the most spectacular events that you will ever witness. But be sure to book your accommodations well in advance.