Authentic Timber Frame Homes & Cabins by Canadian Shield Log Home Craftsmen

The beauty of a modern timber frame is seeing its strength in every corner of your home. Charming but subtle, new or reclaimed pine or fir timbers give your home all the warmth of wood without limiting your interior decorating creativity. Overhead beams and non-intrusive posts replace as many standard load-bearing walls as you like: keep only those you want for organization and privacy. You’ll also get a timber roof system custom-designed for your needs and tastes, whether that means a soaring cathedral ceiling over the family room or a loft for the kids’ sleepovers. Whatever you have in mind, your Winterwood timber frame will pair timeless design with enduring craftsmanship.

Timber Frame Construction

Like all our materials, we hand-pick every timber that goes into your home–each piece must not only be true and strong but also have beautiful, clear grain. We hand-craft each joint using both state of the art tools and age-old techniques.

Designed to support the combined weight of the entire house and roof (including a Canadian winter’s worst snows!), a timber frame replaces standard 2×4/2×6 stick framing with impressive pine or fir posts and beams. In the tradition of the familiar New England barn, our timber frames are engineered to last for generations.

Finally, a timber frame offers choice for the future by giving you the freedom to expand your home later on. Because the walls between timbers are not load-bearing, they can be removed to make way for another bedroom, a bigger family room, or that breakfast nook you’ve always wanted.

Post and Beam Homes

The term “post and beam” can describe any building system that employs round or square log and timber but lacks the traditional joinery of a timber frame, and can either be structural or purely decorative. At Canadian Shield we use the term to describe our beautiful round log buildings that share many of the advantages of a timber frame but incorporate the natural look and feel of round logs fit snug with our trademark scribe joinery.

We typically employ post and beam logwork in larger common areas as well as ceilings and truss systems in conjunction with other building styles. We also love incorporating creative accent pieces in kitchens, front entranceways and around stairs using unique branches, burls and carvings.

Design Ideas

Owing to the strength and versatility of timber frame construction, the design of your home is limited only by your imagination. Consider, for example, incorporating open concept designs from around the world: A rustic Tuscan kitchen. A serene Japanese bedroom. An impressive Scandinavian vaulted ceiling. At Winterwood we encourage you to explore new possibilities because our goal is to make every home we build one-of-a-kind.


A timber frame still requires insulated exterior walls, but there’s no shortage of choice available to you here, either. Our timber frames look good inside any shell, from economical vinyl siding to piece-en-piece faux log. For the most energy efficient enclosure, we recommend structural insulated panels (SIPs) or ecological straw bale walls. For more on the perfect pairing of timber frame and straw bale construction, check out our photojournal of a current straw bale project and learn more at the Ontario Straw Bale Coalition website.

On the inside, you can choose how many elements of the frame are exposed. For instance, you could leave the ceiling joists and knee braces visible in the kitchen and family room, but hide them in the bath and bedrooms. As with everything in a custom-built Winterwood timber frame, you have ultimate creative control.